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"We don't make wide leg bondage pants.
We don't make boot cut jeans.
We don't do straight leg.
We don't make halloween costumes.
We don't make anything that sparkles.
We aren't here to cash in the trendy dollar.
We don't sell to Hot Topic.
We back our scene.

Support The Independent.

One example, and perhaps my favorite, example of keeping punk alive; the indie brand Dogpile-77! Found here: dp-77.com/home.php
Starting with plain t-shirts and some spray paint, they've worked up to carrying high quality garments. Everything here is classic. Classic cut, classic material, and all the necessary punk spirit, straight from '77! They have a huge selection of pins, a good selection of traditional punk band shirts, and carry your standard pogo pant. They are also carry APE leather accessories, which are amazing quality, but I've found, recently, horrible with customer service. I ordered a vegan belt straight from them, and never received it. So if you're looking at APE, buying from DP-77 is your best bet! But, what draws me to them over any other online punk retailer, are their original designs! My weakness: their mini-skirts.

The PVC Maria micro-mini skirt

The Molotov Mini

The Disaster Mini

I only wish they had a bigger selection in girls' sizes (XS dammit!) aside from the skirts, but my complaints stop there. Everything I own by them is 100% cotton and extremely comfy. I've had several pieces for years, and they're set to last a lot longer!

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