honeysystem (honeysystem) wrote in thekidsarepunk,

Fuck fashion! Fuck Clothes and FUCK YOU!

I just found this video on Youtube about punk fashion. I half-agree with the comment, "If you're gonna be an asshole enough to pay it, then you know what, good for the person selling it cause you're not smart enough to know to go to the thrift store and make it yourself or whatever, go ahead, spend your money." In punk, you can walk into any store; Old Navy, the thrift store, Hottopic, a Vivienne Westwood boutique, even fuckin' Hip-Hop Heaven, and think "oh, that shit sucks, but I can rock it." You can rip it up, wear it in a mocking way, or just properly accessorize, and there, it's punk. There is no one direction to punk, and it is the only style with freedom such as that.

The essence of anti-culture.

What does punk mean to you?

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